Brook Stanley Photography - Boudoir - Conroe Texas

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." - Coco Chanel

Wild and bare

Honestly, I have never liked the sound of the word "Boudoir"... but it's been growing on me lately. 

Boudoir to me means feeling beautiful, empowered and sexy! It's a day to feel pampered; to step out of the dull feeling of how we look in our every day life, and feel the complete beauty we possess both inside, and out. It means feeling confident in our own skin to be raw and real. Even if your initial intention is to take boudoir photos for your significant other, you will leave knowing this was sincerely and authentically all for YOU.

I truly admire the women I photograph, and want nothing more than to show all my clients' bodies from a place of love and genuine beauty.

We, as women, have so much self-doubt (the little voice inside that says we need to be "younger, thinner, stronger..."). I want to show women not only their outer beauty, but their Inner Goddess - full of power.